Use modern tools

There are now more tools than ever to help you improve the effectiveness of your sourcing and hiring processes, both at large and small scale.

GapJumpers is a tool that allows organizations to host blind auditions. Blind auditions offer an opportunity to strictly judge candidate performance, rather than resume bullet points, GPAs, pre-existing relationships, or any other number of unconscious biases.

Why are unconscious biases so important?

There are many scenarios where an excellent candidate might be passed over because of a factor that wouldn't be determinate of their success in the actual position you're hiring for. On the other side of that coin, blind auditions can help prevent candidates who would be less suited to a position (but better looking on paper) from making their way in.

Textio is a tool to help organizations draft better, and more effective job descriptions. Although that may not seem like the top priority in your recruitment strategy, it's one of the first things a candidate will see. There are a number of unnecessary descriptors, and types of language that could be considered unappealing or off putting to a great candidate.

Once you've drafted the perfect job description, there are some excellent platforms that can help you reach and interact with the perfect audience.

ZipRecruiter is a great recruitment force multiplier. It's a platform that allows you to draft a single posting and distribute it across 100+ job boards. You can also manage social recruiting and screening all within a single platform. (Full disclosure: ZipRecruiter uses Bonusly!)

Wayup is an incredibly useful tool for any organization working to build an internship program, or on the lookout for recent college grads to add to the team. If you're only looking for a few candidates, there's a free version you can get started with.

Applicant tracking systems are a great modern tool that allow you to streamline the hiring process and fill positions quickly. There are many options out there, so be sure to do your research and find the best applicant tracking system for your company.