Have a great offboarding process
It may seem counter-intuitive, but a great offboarding experience is an important element of a successful recruiting machine. Not all employment relationships terminate on bad terms, and a great deal of that hinges on the way employees are offboarded.

Sharlyn Lauby explains the importance of having a solid offboarding program in her HR Bartender article, "Offboarding Is Just As Important As Onboarding":

Weโ€™re so focused on creating the perfect onboarding experience that it takes a little nudge to remind us how important post-onboarding events can be.
Just like current employees who love your organization enough to recommend it to their friends, past employees can do the same. Sometimes past employees can be an exceptional source of referrals for new candidates.

Past employees aren't just potential ambassadors, either.

Former employees who loved working for your organization and were offboarded amicably are more likely to return. If and when they do, they'll be bringing bring back the unique skills you hired them for, and likely some new ones.

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